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Can you load data onto my usb order?
Yes, we have the ability to do a data load (see fees menu).

How do I submit the data?
Please contact your sales manager, the method used will depend on the file size and complexity, the three most common methods are listed below:
We can create a ftp link that you or your client can directly upload their data to us.
Small files can be emailed to your KTI Representative.
CD's, DVD's, and USB's may be mailed to us. Please note we do not return these pieces. If you need to get the piece back, please be sure to include instructions and a shipping account to send them back.
DO NOT submit Zip Files
If clients prefer, we can use a clients ftp to retrieve the data.

What are my options with a data load? (SEE FEES MENU).
Standard data load - files can be deleted. Available for overseas and domestic orders.
Auto Run - causes a certain file to open or a certain program/file to run automatically as soon as a USB Drive is inserted into the USB port. The action taken is determined by a file called AUTORUN.INF. If the file to be opened is a music or multimedia file, the feature is called AutoPlay. In Macintosh computers, AutoRun is called AutoStart. We do not do AutoStart. Not available for domestic orders.
Data Lock - Data Lock causes your PC to treat a designated section of your Flash Drive storage space as if it were a CD. Files in this partition cannot be deleted or overwritten. The drive can be partitioned so that some space is locked and some is open. Not available for domestic orders.

Password Protect - Installs a password protection software onto the drive. Not available for domestic orders.

Data that utilizes logos, trademarks or registered information other than that of the owner(s), will require a written authorization and/or form of release may be needed to supplement the data download order. If copyrighted material such as, but not limited to music, video, or literature is included, written authorization and / or form of release may be required clearly indicating that KTI is and will be released from any and all copyright infringement or violation

Does Data load require extra lead time?
Yes data load may be subject to extra lead time

How long can you hold my printed product that we are waiting on data for a data load?
Orders that have been printed and are waiting in-house for the data to load will only remain in house for 2 weeks. If data is not received within two weeks of printing, KTI reserves the right to ship the order without data to the destination provided on the purchase order, if no ship to address been provided; it will ship to the billing address provided.
ASI: 63776 | PPAI: 238818 | SAGE: 67071 | upic: PENDRIVE