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Fraud Policy

We want to alert you to a nationwide fraud scam that is targeting distributors and suppliers alike, attempting to procure Micro Secure Digital cards (MSD) and Flash Drives. Please take precautions so that you are not a victim of this scam.

The fraud scam involves purchase orders and requests for product quotations that claim to originate from Universities, Tech Companies and Oil Companies, but are in fact fraudulent.

The emails request quotes for specific merchandise. Later, a purchase order is emailed to the business that bears resemblance to an authentic company's purchase order. The purchase order instructs delivery to an address not affiliated with the Company and there may be several change of addresses.

After shipping the merchandise, the business never receives payment and/or receives a chargeback notice due to the credit card used being reported stolen and they are unable to retrieve the mailed products. Leaving the Distributor or Supplier at a loss of monies.

If an order is received by email, please alert your staff to perform due diligence to ensure it is in fact a legitimate potential order.

If your company has been contacted, please report incidents using the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center to file a complaint. www.ic3.gov Submissions to this site are monitored by the appropriate Federal Agencies for on-line scams.

If KTI Promo has shipped an order for your company based on a fraudulent PO issued KTI Promo cannot accept any Liability and/or responsibility and would be considered harmless for fulfilling your order. If you are facing a financial loss, please also contact your local law enforcement agency.
ASI: 63776 | PPAI: 238818 | SAGE: 67071 | upic: PENDRIVE